Lee Martin

New Orleans, LA

Netmaker. Playing the Internet in your favorite band for two decades. Previously Silva Artist Management, SoundCloud, and Songkick. Currently freelancing and building Turn, Mock, and Listening Party. I write a lot on my dev blog, hack on CodePen, and send a newsletter once or twice a year.

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Latest projects

Shania Twain

Shania Twain is the Queen of Country Pop but what are you the Queen of? This app declares any Spotify user the Queen of whatever genre they stream most.

In support of Jeremy's new single "internet crush," we created a Spotify app which allowed users to create a Valentine's inspired mixtape for their special someone.

Shania Twain

A soundboard of some of Shania's famous sound clips. Each sound appears as a fabric swatches from the associated iconic look.

Climate Trace

A design prototype for Climate Trace envisioning an app that allows users to find out which CO2 emitters are near them and their associated emissions data.

Metro Boomin

An Instagram filter which allows Metro Boomin fans to shine the heroes signal over their city or onto buildings in their vicinity.

A web app that allows fans to confess how often they've been streaming Kim Petras by allowing access to their recent Spotify listening history. Depending on their devotion, they are provided a penance.

A Twitter powered tracklist unlock activation which required Metro Boomin fans to tweet together in order to burn through paper coverings and reveal the titles and features from his new album, Heroes & Villains.

A "Salvation Hotline" built to support Kim Petras' single "If Jesus Was A Rockstar." Callers hear a personal message and clip of the new track. In addition, they are served a shareable testimonial via mms. All saved souls are counted on a companion web app.

An AR filter celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Come On Over" consisting of several different wearable cowboy hats featuring the looks and iconic sounds of Shania's past and present.

Noah Kahan

A web app which invites fans to share what Stick Season is like in their hometown by pinning a post from TikTok and Instagram to a shared globe.

A web app which provides Vory's fans with captions for their social media posts based on lyrics from his new album Lost Souls. Just choose your mood, find the caption, and click to copy.

A Spotify powered web camera which allows fans to capture photos and videos with the Senses Fail aesthetic while streaming songs from the new album.

Paul McCartney

An Instagram and TikTok filter celebrating Paul's 80th birthday. The filter utilizes colors and imagery from his archives to playfully answer which era of his solo career suits you the best.

A web ar app which plots "Planet Zero" from the album imagery on an orbit around the earth. Fans can take photos of it when it is visible and unlock other secrets by pointing their device at the sky.

Watch a preview of Ambré's new ep 3000° but the amount of access you get is connected to your local temperature.

Leading up to the release of Shinedown's new album Planet Zero, we invite fans to generate messages with the record's custom designed alphabet.

Lord Huron

An interactive music video which allows you to slide seamlessly between the dimensions of two kindred tracks: "Your Other Life" and "Ton Autre Vie."

Florence and The Machine

Which song from Dance Fever has chosen you? Connect your Spotify and let the cards read you by analyzing your listening history. The song always knows.

Hear unreleased songs from Jack White's new record Fear of The Dawn by waking up at dawn and facing it with this app.

Papa Roach

To celebrate the 22nd anniversary of "Last Resort," we invited fans to tweet a photo of themselves and watch it be "cut into pieces" live on Twitter.

Fans are invited to discover the "Eight Wonders of Metronomy's Small World" by connecting with their Spotify account so we may determine how often they've been streaming the Small World Spotify playlist.

Eddie Vedder

Earthlings are invited to record a short anonymous message which is then launched into a virtual orbit around the earth. Fans may then go outside to explore and hear the messages currently orbiting over their location.

An experimental web3 camera dapp which allows you to capture and mint photos on the Polygon blockchain.

A Web AR camera app which grants Deadmau5 Head5 owners the ability to capture themselves wearing their NFT.

Fans of Rezz are invited to unlock clips from her new record Spiral by making a series gestures with their eyes.

A simulated takeover of the famous NASDAQ MarketSite video display in Times Square complete with realtime Twitter hashtag marquee.


Listen to a new song off Underoath's record Voyeurist if you allow yourself to be watched, while you watch others.

A unique track list reveal for Pop Smoke which utilized digital scratch-off cards and required fans to literally scratch their way to the song titles.

Me Rex

A web app audio player for Me Rex's 52 track album Megabear which can be shuffled into 8.06e+67 different seamless arrangements.

A web app audio player which premiered a snippet of a track from Waterpark's new album but with a catch: the volume was controlled by the velocity of #GreatestHits tweets and it lowered itself automatically.

Lord Huron

We invited Lord Huron fans to participate in an online seance, reciting a provided incantation together, to unlock new content from their new record Long Lost.

A YouTube powered listening party for Girl In Red's record If I Could Make It Go Quiet which included a chat and heatmap.

A web app which celebrates the 5th anniversary of Caamp by inviting fans to generate a curated walking playlist.

Greta Van Fleet

A web app which encourages streaming of the Greta Van Fleet catalog ahead of the new album's release by detecting how often the band appears in a fans's top recently streamed tracks on Spotify.

A Twilio powered "Rejection Hotline" built to support Peach PRC's single "JOSH." Unsuspecting callers to the hotline would hear a random rejection message from the artist followed by a sms to a web app which included a counter of all rejections.

A web app which detects how often a user has been streaming Girl In Red and rewards them with a personalized selfie reflective of their commitment.

Which song off SG Lewis' debut album times suites you best? This app analyzes your Spotify listening history to tell you.

We developed an audio powered 8 puzzle to tease the release of Evanescence's new single "Better Without You."

A web app in support of MEDUZA's hit single "Paradise" which allows users to calculate the distance between them and a place they deem paradise.

Foo Fighters

An Instagram filter for Foo Fighters new single "Shame Shame" which they performed on SNL.

A global album premiere for Future Islands "As Long As You Are" which required fans to meet a certain threshold of visits in their region to unlock the stream.

A Spotify and Apple Music powered test which allows users to gauge their stress level while streaming the band’s new single "Leave Me Alone."

A web app which can detect a fan's loyalty to Hurts by examining their top recently streamed tracks on Spotify. A leaderboard and image generator was included to encourage competition.

An interactive tracklist reveal for Pop Smoke's posthumous debut album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon. Fans literally pointed their device at the stars to reveal song titles.


A pandemic friendly web app. Generate a Khruangbin curated playlist for any of your #StayHome activities.

Bob Marley

Inspired by 24 hour YouTube radio stations, we sought to create our own spin on the YouTube radio format and incorporate albums, music videos, docu-series, and content from the whole Marley family.

Plain White T's

A 2000s inspired playlist generator for the Plain White T's in celebration of their hit single "Hey There Delilah."

Users could visit a web app or dial the phone number to record a message which was then distorted, played back, and visualized on the YouTube live stream.

A companion app for the Field Notes "Vignette" Edition which prepares photos for printing so they fit perfectly into the new memobook design.

A Contentful powered photo mosaic celebrating the 20th anniversary of David Gray's White Ladder filled with testimonials from fans and artists.

Caroline Rose

An Instagram filter recreation of the over-the-top makeup and fake plastic feel of the artwork for Caroline Rose's new record Superstar.

Uncover the meanings behind Hind's new album The Prettiest Curse on a Highlights inspired interface.

Disney Music

An Instagram randomizer filter developed for Disney Music which allows users to discover which Disney hit they are.

This holiday season we present the incredible shake up of your favorite Christmas tunes all in one place. Snow Globe Radio, One Half Radio & One Half Snow Globe.

Frank Sinatra

An Instagram filter for Frank Sinatra which is inspired by the new animated video of Frank's 1957 rendition of "Jingle Bells."

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of R.E.M. Monster, we developed an A/B player which allowed you to listen to the differences between the original and remix albums.

Guns N' Roses

A "realtime" YouTube counter which counted to the moment when "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses hit 1 billion views.

A custom Spotify and Apple Music album player combined with a live dynamic YouTube stream of Slipknot fan photos and locations in support of their new record We Are Not Your Kind.

A Spotify web app that can detect how sad you currently are based on the valence level of your top recently streamed tracks.

A Spotify and Apple Music playlist generator which turns your local weather into a personalized playlist consisting of tracks curated by Tycho.

Asking Alexandria

A Contentful powered music video teaser which slowly revealed clips from the new Asking Alexandria track "The Violence."

David Bowie

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of David Bowie Space Oddity and the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, we launched a web app which unlocks a new mix of "Space Oddity" if you go outside and take a photo of the moon.

Denzel Curry

A Father's Day meme generator which uses the album artwork of Denzel Curry's Ricky which includes a photo of his own father.

Amon Amarth

Am image generator developed in support of Amon Amarth's Berkerer release which allows fans to generate a shield which includes the names of three friends they would go into battle with.

A simple album page which allowed fans to explore the artwork, read through the lyrics, dive into the credits, and most importantly: stream the full music in a legal manner.

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Motown Records, we developed a web app and alexa skill that shares daily historical moments from Motown's past.


Using Mapbox and geolocation, we invited Ninho fans to create a GPS drawing of his "NI" logo in the streets of Paris. Those fans who participated won special release day prizing.

A web app which allows fans of Billie Eilish to build a custom Apple Music playlist and join her mailing list.

An Instagram powered end of the year wrap video creator for Ra Ra Riot featuring their perfectly fitting new track "This Time of Year."

Chris Cornell

In celebration of Chris Cornell's life, find the setlist from shows of his you attended and create a playlist in your Spotify or Apple Music library.

Greta Van Fleet

A web app powered by Mapbox and Foursquare which leads Greta Van Fleet fans to a nearby park to listen to unreleased music. Once fans arrived, they were encouraged to take a photo and share it socially.

An image generator for DJ Snake's massive hit "Taki Taki" which allowed users to create a version of the cover with their own name and the names of their friends.

Foo Fighters

An experimental project sponsored by Intel and Dataclay which used Foo Fighters live music data to create a scalable Instagram Stories series.

A web app which required fans to recite a prayer in order to stream a clip from the new record. A simple test of a user’s allegiance to the act and their preachings.

Dave Grohl

A custom video player interface for Dave Grohl which allows users to choose between multiple different performances of the same 23 minute composition. All performed by Dave, of course.

A web app camera which used IBM Watson's Visual Recognition service to identify objects and superimpose their names in "QUOTES" just like the Off-White brand does. RIP Virgil.

Paramount Pictures

We live in a post apocalyptic future where creatures hunt by sound. Use this application to detect if your current environment is safe. Stay quiet stay safe. Developed for A Quiet Place.

Guns N' Roses

A mysterious teaser app and worldwide poster campaign which provided several different paths a user could take which ultimately led to them sharing the news that a mega box set for the band was coming.

A web camera app built for Maroon 5's new single "Girls Like You" which allowed users to capture a photo of themselves in the style of the single's artwork.

A web app which encouraged Lord Huron fans to visit one of several hand-picked locations around the world in order to hear a teaser of their new album Vide Noir.


A Spotify powered playlist generator which can generate a Khruangbin curated playlist for any flight. Simply enter the origin and destination airport codes.

Dan Tyminski

We invite Dan Tyminski fans to stream his new record Southern Gothic while peering into the eyes of other fans. For this project, we used Twilio Video to create an instant-on video conference which is distributed through a Three.js scene.

Foo Fighters

One part music video, one part constellation viewer. Dave wanted to build an app that had the band playing on a rooftop but the user's sky in the background. So, that's what we did.

I watched Prince perform "Purple Rain" in the rain at the Superbowl halftime show in 2007 and like many of you, I wondered, were there other times Prince performed "Purple Rain" and he caused it to rain on that day in that location and in what amounts? So I ran a report.

Little Dragon

Yukimi from Little Dragon has something really important to tell you but she forgot your phone number. Enter it into this web app and you'll receive a call from the band and a chance to hear their new single "Klapp Klapp."

It's impossible to grab someone's attention online for more than a few moments and music consumption often occurs in parallel to other mundane tasks like checking emails and scrolling feeds. Close Your Eyes is a focused listening experience which exists in an otherwise unfocused world.